Julia van Beuingen-Founder 
Julia’s interest in people, specifically their curiosity in art, culture and life inspired her to start ‘Van Beuningen’. Van Beuningen’ s mission is to help bridge the gap between audience and performer by providing a sense of intimacy and accessibility to the music.  In turn, it’s designed to help stimulate and provoke interaction from the audience.

It is the combination of artist and entrepreneur alongside her curiosity and desire for personal growth that continually create new ways to communicate with her audience .

Van Beuningen Ltd
Van Beuningen takes the concert stage to private spaces, connecting audiences with world-class musicians.
Through dialogue, we open minds and share our love and experience of the music we perform.
Ultimately we want you to be enchanted and leave the room as inspired about this as we are...
Julia van Beuningen

Testimonials & Media

Katharina Flohr,
"Creative Director of Faberge in 'The Financial Times"
“This is the stuff that dreams are made of, last night must be the closes one can get to heaven, it was magical.”
I often say that as jeweller
we are storytellers, so this was my idea of a successful night."


"We all are very inspired by Julia’s strong beliefs.
 Her thoughts on delivering a demanding performance under high pressure are  highly motivating and have proven to be very influential."

         Our Logo and its story
Van Beuningen aims to free our audience and performer from conventional concert practice. We let our audience chose where and how they enjoy a concert.

There is no ‘behind the scene’ with Van Beuningen. We are authentic and open personalities, who enjoy talking with our audience.  Our musicians feel liberated by the way we work and we are convinced that just that is what is needed for a master performance.